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Prospect Info Solution is a Finance & Accounting Technology specially designed for MSMEs.We deal in India’s most Trusted Business Management Software. Invoice Software. ERP Solution. Services: Business Software, Accounting, GST Billing & Filing, Inventory, E-way Bill, Banking, GSTR-1, GSTR-3B & GSTR-4, Billing & Invoicing. Our aim is to make your accounting, finance & Tax Compliances fast & easy to use. Prospect Info Solution can be accessed using Web based Software, Mobile App and can also be made available as integrated tech to existing Fintech, Software or Apps.
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The idea for modern Barcode system originated back in 1948 in the mind of a graduate student Bernard Silver from Drexel Institute of Technology, Philadelphia. When the question ‘how to automatically read product information?’ arisen Silver, along with his friends, experimented with various potential solutions.
The initial invention included the use of Morse Code, thus, giving rise to ‘Linear barcode system.’ Later, the linear system was replaced by circular rings and was known as ‘Bulls-eye system.’ Technological advances brought innovations in barcode scanners and, in 1973, barcode developed by George Laurer was widely accepted for its simplicity and power to hold more information.
Benifts of Barcode Scanners
The major question people have is ‘can a 2D barcode scanner scan 1D barcodes? and the answer is, Yes. The 2D scanners’ features include scanning new 2D barcodes and 1D barcodes. This makes your business ready for future and keeps updated with the coming-of-age technology. Apart from this, the price of 2D barcode scanner is budget friendly and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The 2D scanners include an additional feature which allows you to customize the settings so that you get only that data which you want and nothing more. The Wi-Fi barcode scanner takes away the wire handling burden. The data is transmitted wirelessly to your system thus saving from data loss due to breakage in the cable. Additionally, these portable barcode readers are omnidirectional and you can scan the barcode from any angle. The barcode readers are proving to be a boon to the small and large businesses thus allowing them more free hours to invest somewhere else.